the legend is back

About the BackDoor

The BackDoor is a club that had its best years from the 80’s until its closing about 2 years ago. The club has an incredible story where people had a great time. You will now will enjoy it even more because of the changes that were made to be at the forefront of all modern nightclubs. Incredible Latin music that instantly identifies and makes anyone dance when they reopen their doors to Hispanics and the general public in Las Vegas. The BackDoor is committed to giving the best shows with the best presenters and guests. It will feature music from regional Mexican groups and versatile bands as well as the best Las Vegas bands performing live, go—go dancers and featuring the best Latin music DJs!



“Noches NorteƱas” with live music and the best transvest show. The best presenters from Las Vegas; Margot, Nathasa, Cristian and their guests. Not to mention great drink specials!


The spectacular show of Paloma Macary and her special guests, go—go dancers and the best Latin music in Las Vegas.

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